Maza Henrys Decorada - EUROPA - CIRCUS - UNI

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Disponibilidad: Producto con decoración por encargo.

Pídelo antes de 0 horas y 42 minutos y recíbelo el lunes 23 abril con Recoger en tienda ¡Gratis!

¿Querías una maza Henrys decorada?

Selecciona el modelo, color y tipo de decoración.

Todas las mazas customizadas tienen un periodo de entrega aproximado de 10 días.



Extensive quality controls and careful choice and processing of the materials used guarantee that our clubs are of constant high quality. The weight of the clubs is of fundamental importance to jugglers. We spare neither expense nor effort to keep it within stable limits. The ash-wood sticks, which guarantee the stability of our clubs, are weighted with absolute exactness and checked by hand for flawed grain. These are only some of the reasons why it by possible to copy our design but never the quality.







Types of Clubs


Classic - The Classics!
Pirouette - The Long Slender!
Albatros - The Passing-Club!
Mirage - The ne plus ultra!
Delphin - Easy and robust!
Nite Flite - First Class Torch!
Sparkler - The legendary Sparkling Club!




Deko Variants


We are offering nearly all clubs in 4 different decorations and up to 7 colors (metallic and glittery metallic variations). Special importance is attached to the fact that decorated clubs have the same weight as undecorated ones.



Training - Clubs without decoration
Circus - The body is partly or completely decorated with decoration stripes
Europ - Upper and lower third of the body are covered by decoration film

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